About Daps' Diary

Daps' Diary is simply a diary that belongs to Oladapo Afolabi – popularly referred to as “Daps” by his folks. It is a platform he uses to share his idea about life, how he interacts with life, the kind of life imposed on him geographically and above all the kind of life he chooses to live. Daps has learnt a lot and he has chosen to archive them in Daps’ Diary.

Daps' Diary is a patriotic initiative that focuses on economic revolution in Nigeria, personal development, and also giving right perspective, contemporary meaning, and futuristic implications to current socio-political realities. Daps’ diary is nation building outfit that is aimed at promoting values, culture and attitudes that can make Nigeria the nation of our dreams.

This initiative was birthed out of a great desire for Daps to express himself, to communicate what he has come to embrace and also to see Nigeria attain its potentials - that is having one of the most potent if not the best economy in the world; yes! The best economy in the world: because right in her disposal are great potentials to achieve this milestone. It is time for us to evaluate, rethink, change strategies and update our tool of engagement due our quest for nationalism – we have to use our own strength has a people and what works best for us. It is not a political revolution; it is rather an economic revolution.

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