Wednesday, 05 April 2017 / Published in Economic Transformations
An entrepreneurial economy does not just happen, it is strategically created Whenever i want to say anything about an entrepreneurial economy, what comes to mind first is a dream i had – this dream is a pointer to the revolution Nigeria seeks. If you follow this blog, you would have read this dream in an
Tuesday, 28 March 2017 / Published in Economic Transformations
Entrepreneurial stress is a reality to me and I know to several others out there. The passion behind entrepreneurship most times is wealth, and work satisfaction; but these come at a high price such as back-ache, indigestion, insomnia, headaches or even depression. When entrepreneurs’ work demands and expectations exceed their abilities to perform they likely
The internet revolution seem to be nothing less magical Who could have thought that the internet could have changed the world in less than two decades? A whole lot that seem impossible to man is now made possible due to the advent of the internet revolution. It amazes me how I get almost every of
Saturday, 11 March 2017 / Published in Economic Transformations
Have you gotten to a point where you doubt yourself as an entrepreneur just because of the profiles of entrepreneurs you see around? People just keep saying different things about entrepreneurs and you wonder if you are one. You do not need to worry about those things you have heard, I will try to highlight
I have a dream! Nigeria is my home, I am proud to be called a Nigerian – even though many times there are reasons never to be. We are a wonderful people, hardworking, resilient, determined and courageous. Yes we are highly industrious and believing – we believe everything is possible against all odds. We are
Monday, 19 December 2016 / Published in Economic Transformations
Bitcoins is a cryptocurrency and also a payment system not known to so many. There is so many buzz about bitcoins today and a lot of people are investing in it while some careful others are worried and careful. Some people have asked me personally to explain what bitcoins is and how secure or reliable
Sunday, 11 December 2016 / Published in Economic Transformations
Money is very important to everybody, we all have different perspectives to what money is to us, how far we can go to get it, how it should be handled or spent, and many others. Your belief about cash will play a significant role whether you will have it or make a remarkable use of
Saturday, 10 December 2016 / Published in Economic Transformations
Starting a small business in itself is a huge and difficult task, it becomes more difficult in a tough and slow economy, especially in a recession. When an economy is experiencing recession it simply mean without mincing words that such economy is broke. This cause a ripple effect on everybody in the economy. We all
Saturday, 10 December 2016 / Published in Economic Transformations
Entrepreneurs are national assets to every country that should be nurtured, promoted, motivated and remunerated. Entrepreneurs I believe are the life-wire of every economy, they can change the way we live, make life more comfortable and livable, they increase the standard of living, they increase revenue for the government, they do not only create wealth,
Saturday, 10 December 2016 / Published in Economic Transformations
Entrepreneurial revolution is a reality that cannot be denied, some call it economic revolution. Irrespective of what it is called; it is the solution to Africa’s underdevelopment. The world is advancing in a fast pace, the height of scientific and technological advancements have been overwhelming, this pace has led to significant changes in and around