Thursday, 27 July 2017 / Published in Podcast Archives
Entrepreneurs go through stress very often – they suffer indigestion, insomnia, back-ache among others. This is caused by so many things like immersion in work, desire to succeed, work over-load etc. I shared in this podcast episode how entrepreneurs can overcome these stress and be productive at work.
Wednesday, 28 June 2017 / Published in Podcast Archives
Creating passive income is a sure route to wealth creation. In this podcast episode i exposed 7 amazing benefits of creating passive income, most of these benefits are shared from personal experiences. I also shared on how to enroll in my free course exposing you to my business models online. I’m super excited about this
Tuesday, 20 June 2017 / Published in Podcast Archives
Every human needs self-motivation to succeed in life, whether you want to be a prolific writer, or a super dad, or make a first class in college. I believe the difference between the highly effective and others is self motivation. Learn all you need to know about self motivation in this podcast episode.
Friday, 19 May 2017 / Published in Podcast Archives
Climbing up the hill is always a phenomenal time for me personally. As fun as it is, what is most difficult and discouraging is the pain of climbing. However this is how we are many times in life. Climbing up the hill could mean a lot of things to so many, it may be getting
Tuesday, 09 May 2017 / Published in Podcast Archives
  Graduating from college can be referred to as one of the greatest moments of ones life. This moment brings a lot with it, especially financially. You will agree with me that people should be well prepared of such a great moment as this. In this podcast episode, basic financial tips and advice is shared
Friday, 28 April 2017 / Published in Podcast Archives
The ability to influence another human is virtually everything about leadership. People tend to naturally flow towards people with the ability to influence. We also live in a fast world, due our pursuit of life and influence, we many time ignore and pay attention to our lives on motion and how that is a perfect
Tuesday, 25 April 2017 / Published in Podcast Archives
Hi, I’m Daps and this is another episode of Daps’ Podcast I just wondered if you have ever wondered why the rich get richer but the poor get poorer? It seem as though the society is designed to make the rich, richer and also the poor, poorer. This is so because there is an information
Monday, 17 April 2017 / Published in Podcast Archives
The majority of personal development and leadership is hinged on self-esteem. I have realized that most people are always a self-esteem boost away from reaching their dreams or achieving set goals and objectives.
Monday, 17 April 2017 / Published in Podcast Archives
We all have different views and opinion about money, we have different views on how to go about it, how far we should go to get it amid others. I took a pause and considered a research on what successful people who have made money have to say about their money and business.
Monday, 17 April 2017 / Published in Podcast Archives
We grow up with so many childhood dreams, unfortunately the cruelty of life has made these dreams a mere fantasy. Learn how to make every of your dreams a reality in this podcast.