Time to rise


Hello dear friend,

It’s absolutely amazing how time flies!

Wow!, January of 2017 is gone!!

Personally, it was like few days because of how buried I have been into some work and projects.

Well, I must confess that it’s been a fabulous month for me, I have learnt and developed myself so much just in January – In January alone, I have learnt what I have not learnt in several years.

How amazing!

Well, that is my story.

But, I care so much about you also, and I must ask: How has the year been for you?

What are the challenges you are going through?

You must learn, relearn, and unlearn to make sure you have a productive year – 2017.

It’s time for frank talk. You will agree with me that a wonderful year doesn’t just happen – people make it happen. And what determine how wonderful the year will end for you is the quality you put into every day, week and months of the year.

If you have not have the best of time in January, here comes February – with endless opportunities for you to tap into.

My friend, make sure you make this month count.


By consciously investing into every areas of your life, especially those that set you back. Let me share a secret with you – I’ll tell you how to know if you are making progress with your life. It is simple, Wake up every morning knowing you are better than the previous day, you must know you have invested something yesterday that should make today better and you should be ready to invest something today that should make tomorrow better. It is a simple secret people do not know.

Before I round up this mail, I should share some of my projects in January with you.

I have done some upgrades on my site – a little expensive though.

I wrote a book (HOW TO CREATE WEALTH AND FINDING FULFILLMENT) – in an electronic format I give out free. I know frequent visitors have already downloaded this eBook. In case you have not – you should read the book now, here is a link to the download: httpss://

I have also created a YouTube channel, I intend to host videos that are worth sharing – capable of turning a man’s life around. Take my word for it.

I am rebranding my podcast, putting it on a better and premium host that will make this podcast available to everyone at the comfort of their devices – having unlimited access and downloads to this materials free. This project is still in progress, it should be finished by the end of February.

I have included a store on my site – this store host life-hack materials to help you become more productive, and also help people in business. There is a high quality control of products on the store. I also forgot to let you know this products are almost for free.

2 notable things I failed to do in January which I have learnt from is that: my many projects and multi-tasking stopped me from updating my blog posts and I also did not send any mail. I apologize for these sincerely – they were not intention.

Expects loads of amazing contents on my blog in February and constant mail from me.

I am committed to helping people and including you – that is why I am here, I should hit the nail on the head, that is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

If you desire to make Feburary better than January, just make out time to visit my blog more, subscribe to my podcast and also my youtube channel. You get instance access to these platforms on my site.

Feel free to leave me a note if you think there are specific things you want to improve in your life that my contents are not covering, feedbacks help me know how to help you better.

Thank you for reading through.

Have a productive month ahead.

Never forget that life is designed to defeat the weak.



This campaign is not designed to form a political party, neither is it designed to stage a rally, this campaign is designed to proffer an accurate solution to the problems looming Nigeria and Africa.



Let's build the Africa of our dreams


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