It was a lovely evening Just in the cool of the day, I was having a timeout. Immediately I dashed online to check up what was going on with friends on Facebook. All I just wanted was to follow friends and trends for a while. I haven’t strolled down for long before I saw the
You may be someone like me who doesn’t fancy the buzz from the alarm every morning, what that alarms communicates to me is the start of another tedious and frustrating day at work. I hate it most when it’s a Monday morning, gosh! I just can’t have enough weekend. The good news is that all
The power of self-motivation is the desire to succeed It’s 6 in the morning. The alarm clock is buzzing, and you’re thinking to yourself, “What’s the point in getting up this early for work?” For my Lagos folks it’s probably a 4 am or 5 am usual alarm noise. For some of us, the motivation
Pretty awesome moment for me to use the ink again, I always crave for us to have good moments together, isn’t that feeling mutual? (chuckles) C’mon let’s have a time-out together again, not a bad idea if it’s your first reading up with me – good to meet you, I’m Daps. So the other day
I love recession, it’s an amazing time for me; when I heard in the news that Nigeria was going out of recession I was so unhappy – Kolawole Adeyemi   It’s been a while I shared stories in my articles. Here is one I’m so excited about, I hope you get the same feeling as
Slowing down here is not literary but figurative, It is a principle that wealthy and highly effective people hold with high esteem. This principle simply help them keep their focus in this distracting, loud and fast world. Being innovative and creative is a weapon effective people use to remain on top of their game, keep
Easter is just that moment when many Christians consider sacred just because of the belief and reality of a savior that died for them, above all rose from the grave. To so many others, it is just a moment to feed on chickens, eggs and chocolate. I still see some little few that it is
Ubong Umoren David is an unusual young man. He is currently putting God on Trial in the city of Lagos. Let me tell you how I got to meet this weird man: In 2006, I just got admitted into the University of Jos, in one of those unusual mornings when a lecturer fails to make
 Entrepreneurial Revolution I still believe is the solution to the problem faced with Nigeria and Africa. That is the solution we have always sort. Sequel to this, I’m starting up a sponsored series where I host great entrepreneurs and their businesses. I believe reading these stories will go a long way to motivate and encourage
An entrepreneurial economy does not just happen, it is strategically created Whenever i want to say anything about an entrepreneurial economy, what comes to mind first is a dream i had – this dream is a pointer to the revolution Nigeria seeks. If you follow this blog, you would have read this dream in an
Earlier on today I stumbled on this news and it was disturbing. It became worse because this news is coming at a time where what seem to catch the attention of the Nigerian youths is the Big Brother Naija Show (BBN). We just can’t have anything to read about again on all social media platforms.
Entrepreneurial stress is a reality to me and I know to several others out there. The passion behind entrepreneurship most times is wealth, and work satisfaction; but these come at a high price such as back-ache, indigestion, insomnia, headaches or even depression. When entrepreneurs’ work demands and expectations exceed their abilities to perform they likely